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Cordials & Liqueurs
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Aalborg Tafel Aquavit Denmark 750ml $83.1271
Absente, Pastis Aperitif (France) Absinthe 750ml $92.5538
After Shock Liqueur 750ml $62.5595
Alize Red Passion Cordial (France) 750ml $50.5618
Alize Yellow Passion Cordial (France) 750ml $50.5618
Amaretto di Saronno, Cordial (Italy) 750ml $56.5607
Amaro Nonino Quintessentia Liqueur Italy 750ML $75.4142
Averna Amaro Silicano Liqueur 750ml $59.9886
B & B Dom Liqueur 750ml $75.4142
Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur 750ml $52.2758
Bärenjäger Honey German Liqueur 750ml $47.1339
Benedictine, Cordial (France) 750ml $69.4154
Berentzen Apfel Korn Liqueur 750ml $53.1328
Campari Bitter Liqueur 1L $56.5607
Carlsbad Becherovka Original Becher Liqueur 750ml $77.9852
Carolans Coffee Creame Liqueur 750ml $34.4934
Carolans Irish Cream, Cordial (Ireland) 750ml $45.4199
Castello Del Terriccio 2003 $333.3652
Chambord Deluxe Liqueur Royale de France 375ML $45.4199
Chambord Royale Deluxe Liqueur 750ml $59.1316
Chambord, Cordial (France) 750ml $62.5595
Chartreuse Green Liqueur 750ml $93.4108
Chartreuse Yellow Liqueur 750ml $92.5538
Cointreau, Cordial (France) 750ml $73.7003
Cynar Artichoke Aperitif Italy Liqueur 750ml $41.135
Damiana Guaycura Liqueur 750ml $83.984
Damiana Orange Liquor from Mexico 750ml $54.8467
Dekuyper 100 Peppermint Schnapps 750ml $36.8501
Dekuyper Butterscotch Schnapps 1L $39.4211
Dekuyper Hot Damn 1L $41.135
Dekuyper Razzmatazz Liqueur 1L $36.8501
Dekuyper Triple Sec, Cordial (USA) 1 liter $35.9932
Dekuyper Wilderberry Schnapps 1L $52.2758
Drambuie, Cordial (Scotland) 750ml $81.4131
EFE - Raki Turkish Liqueur 750ML $83.1271
Elisir du Dr. Roux, Cordial (France) 375ml $122.5481
Extase XO Liqueur DOrange France 750 ml $125.9761
Fernet Branca Bitters Liqueur 750ml $62.5595
Frangelico Liqueur 750ml $65.596
Frangelico, Nut Liqueur Cordial (Italy) 750ml $55.7037
Galliano Liqueur Italy 750ml $61.364
Gammel Dansk Liqueur bitters 750ml $120.8342
Glayva Scottish Liqueur 750ml $75.4142
Godiva Cappucino Liqueur 375ml $50.5618
Godiva Chocolate Liqueur 750ml $56.5607
Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur 375ml $48.8479
Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge Orange Cordial 750ml $77.1282
Grand Marnier Liqueur 750ml $77.1282
Hpnotiq Liqueur 750ml (France) $58.2746
Inga Amaro Mio Liqueur 375 ml $39.4211
Irish Mist Liqueur 375mL $50.5618
Irish Mist, Cordial (Ireland) 750ml $56.5607
Jagermeister Herbal Liqueur 750 ml $45.4199
Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, Cordial (Mexico) 750ml $56.5607
Kinky Liqueur Pink $45.4199
Licor 43 - Curenta Y Tres - Spanish $56.5607
Linie Aquavit Liqueur 750ml $69.4154
Luxardo Limoncello Lemon Italian Liqueur 750ml $54.8467
Mandarine Napoleon Belgium Liqueur (375ml) $83.1271
Maraska Maraschino Croatia Original Liqueur 1lt $54.8467
Maraska Pelinkovac Croatia Liqueur $41.135
Metaxa Ouzo Greek Liqueur 750ml $43.706
Midori Melon Liqueur 750ml $54.8467
Mozart White Chocolate, Cordial (Austria) 750ml $75.4142
Nuvo Classic Sparkling Liqueur 750ML $61.7026
Opal Nera Sambuca Liqueur 750ml $59.9886
Or-G, Ultra Premium French Vodka & Persimmon 750ml $42.849
Pimms No. 1 Cup Liqueur 750ml $48.8479
Pisco Bauza Reservado, 82.5°, Chile 750 ml $55.7037
Polmos Wisniowka Poland Cordial 750ml $37.7071
Romana Sambuca Italy Liqueur Classico 750ml $55.7037
Sans Rival Ouzo, 92° Greece 750 ml. $59.9886
Santa Teresa Araku $65.9875
Schladerer Himbeer 750 ml $65.9875
Schladerer Kirschwasser Liqueur 750ml $83.1271
Seagram Coolers Bahama Mama $53.1328
Sheridans Coffee Layered Liquor $92.5538
Sortilege (Canadian Whisky And Maple Syrup Liquer),60 pf, 375 ml. $78.8422
St George Kirsch 375ml $84.841
Strega Liqueur 750ml $65.9875
Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream liqueur 750mL $43.706
Tia Maria, Cordial (Mexico) 750ml $56.5607
Torani Amer Liqueur 750ml $35.9932
Trader Vics Macadamia Nut Liqueur $54.8467
Tuaca Italy Liqueur 750ml $48.8479
Underberg Natural Herbal Digestive Bitters 12X20ml $59.9886
Vedrenne Supercassis (Black Currant) 40°, France 750ml $64.2735
Verpoorten Advocaat (Egg Liquer) 40°pf $87.412
Villa Masa Limoncello, 60°, Italy. 750 ml $103.6946
Voyant Chai Cream 750ML $47.1339
X Rated Liqueur Pink $53.9897
Yeni Raki, 86°, Turkey Liter $83.984
Yukon Jack Canadian Liqueur 750ml $46.2769
Other selection available upon request please call
price subject to change without notice

Carolans Coffee Creame Liqueur 750ml

Send Now $ 34.4934

Torani Amer Liqueur 750ml

Send Now $ 35.9932

Dekuyper Triple Sec, Cordial (USA) 1 liter

Send Now $ 35.9932

Dekuyper 100 Peppermint Schnapps 750ml

Send Now $ 36.8501

Dekuyper Razzmatazz Liqueur 1L

Send Now $ 36.8501

Polmos Wisniowka Poland Cordial 750ml

Send Now $ 37.7071

Inga Amaro Mio Liqueur 375 ml

Send Now $ 39.4211

Dekuyper Hot Damn 1L

Send Now $ 41.135

Maraska Pelinkovac Croatia Liqueur

Send Now $ 41.135

Or-G, Ultra Premium French Vodka & Persimmon 750ml

Send Now $ 42.849

Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream liqueur 750mL

Send Now $ 43.706
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